Friday, March 27, 2015

From Evil Comes Good?

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Yesterday King Richard III of the Plantagenet dynasty was buried in Leicester Cathedral - over half a millennia after his first burial without a coffin in a church that was demolished to create a parking lot.

Richard III was much maligned over the 1/2 thousand years since his death.  Shakespeare described him as, "poisonous bunch-back’d toad"; Sir Thomas More, "a miserable spectacle".  

And yet there is a reason to celebrate this King of England as well, for without his attempts to reform the criminal justice system, ours may have looked very different.

Richard III instituted two specific policies that we continue to enjoy and expect today:

Richard III, the alleged murderer, child killer and all around evil man, also made it possible for those who could not afford an attorney access to one and for those accused of a crime the opportunity to be free until the trial.

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